Executive Summary

Digital world has changed with the fast paced in the last few years. We are facing with the speed of change and need the transformation. One of the challenges is how to transform the traditional Digital Marketing Platform to Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Platform and use data insights to create the added value for the customer while building the stronger customer relationships. Therefore, DIGIT team aims to develop DIGIT Solutions that we can use to analyze and manage the customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, and effectively strengthen customer long-term relationships, boosting customer retention, improve customer experience, and driving sales growth.

DIGIT Solutions is the most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and specifically designs to deliver the digital marketing solutions for brands, merchants, retailing and service industries in different type of commerce (B2B, B2C, and C2C). All advanced application features of DIGIT Solutions are synchronized and enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of brand’s digital marketing campaign. Using DIGIT Solutions, we can minimize the processing delay, get greater transparency, and dramatically reduce the costs with maximize profit. Blockchain-Based platform is a mechanism that guarantee the validity of the transactions with the highest degree of accountability. The DIGIT Solutions is created under the NEM Blockchain Platform, which is one of the largest blockchain/cryptocurrency projects in the world.

DIGIT Solutions is the first Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and best compatible with our advanced E-Wallet and Payment Gateway Technology. All 8 features of DIGIT Solutions are made for the completed digital marketing umbrella that covers advertising, direct response, public relations, promotions and sales. First, the feature of DIGIT Signature enhances high security and transparent payment with multisignature function on E-Wallet. Second, DIGIT Score feature provides the reliable voting without fraud from overall customer voting scores on blockchain platform. Third, DIGIT Ads can increase the efficiency of digital advertising placement under the “middleman-free” environment and facilitates the customer to accumulate points and exchanging with the DIGIT Coin from viewing the advertising. Fourth, to enhance the sustainability of DIGIT Ecosystem, DIGIT CSR helps to create the better world by donating 5% of transaction fee earned from DIGIT Ecosystem to the charity. Fifth, DIGIT Space, a smart sharing economy system without middleman, helps you to increase the efficiency of space management both in retail store, service industries and lifestyles. Sixth, DIGIT Radar feature offers location-based services that facilitates the customers for searching the cryptocurrency paypoint locations, services, and promotional campaigns. Seventh, DIGIT CRM feature facilitates the merchant’s promotional campaign by secured coupon redemption and transferring points to the customer. Additionally, business can leverage the data insights to create the attractive customer experience and customer loyalty program from this feature. Eight, DIGIT API feature offers the flexibility and adaptability to the future application programming interface.

DIGIT team has been developing DIGIT Ecosystem as a special blockchain platform which is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem among coin holders, usage of trading coin in the exchange market, and buying any goods or services in the real world. DIGIT Solutions is one of eight important modules in DIGIT Ecosystem. The rest are DIGIT Foundation, DIGIT Corporation, DIGIT Coin, DIGIT Token, DIGIT Currencies, DIGIT Wallet, and DIGIT Payment Gateway.

To make the project of DIGIT Solutions comes true, we need support from the investors. The coin investors will get many attractive benefits from their investment with special bonus up to 40% during Pre-ICO. Moreover, investors will get 5% Bonus from EZ Referral Program and token holders with 200+ of DIGIT Tokens will get 20% of net fees earned, according to the token percentages, on every transaction among third party within the DIGIT Ecosystem.

Regarding to the exponential growth of retailing, service industries and usage of Social Meeting applications around the world, the number of DIGIT’s members will have a chance to grow exponentially with the popularity of the DIGIT Coin along with usage in the real business sectors by increasing members of DIGIT Solutions in the global and list in the major international exchange markets (Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bittrex, Bitflyer, HitBTC, CoinOne, OKcoin, Zaif, BX.in.th, TDAX, and etc.).

With over 20 years of the DIGIT’s management team’s experiences, advisory board, strategic partners, and co-founders in IT management, Internet technology, software & hardware security solutions, financial consultants, retailing and service industries, these can be assured that DIGIT Ecosystem and DIGIT Solutions will be one of the most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions ever.