The DIGIT Project

Our vision is to maintain a good governance and bring knowledge, information, and convenience to every Coin Holders as well as the Cryptocurrency Traders. At the same time, we aim to enhance our coin (DIGIT) to be used as fiat money and accepted as top 10 Cryptocurrency listing on within 2 years.

Making DIGIT Ecosystem and DIGIT’s members grow with the popularity of the DIGIT Coin and boost up the practical usage of DIGIT Coin both in the major exchange markets and real world via the real business by increasing number of listing in Major Coin Exchange markets, brand awareness along with developing Blockchain Technology.

Good Governance
The typical Blockchain Ecosystem is determined as the decentralised platform. This illustrates the difficulty of oversight due to lack of federal authority. DIGIT Ecosystem could overcome this problem through the transparency of traceable transaction process. The details of all transactions will be able to view on the digital secured encrypted ledger under the advanced algorithmic technology of NEM Blockchain Platform.

How are we different?
DIGIT Coin is the first digital currency using the DIGIT Ecosystem to boost up the practical usage of CryptoCurrency in the real world via the real business sectors of our 20+ years experience of partnership. Our priority is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everybody with advanced blockchain technology under the form of DIGIT Wallet and DIGIT Payment Gateway, Web-based Application for desktop users and Mobile Application for smart device users.

To make the DIGIT Ecosystem complete, we are prepare the landing place for coin holders. It means that every coin holder can get highly benefits from using DIGIT Coin both in Exchange Market and retailing and service industries in different types of commerce (B2B, B2C, and C2C) under DIGIT Solutions which is accessible to everybody with advanced NEM Blockchain Technology. After problems are solved, business owners can increase business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Moreover, it also helps customers and DIGIT Members meet their needs and requirements efficiently.

We have been developing DIGIT Ecosystem as a special blockchain platform which is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem among coin holders, usage of trading coin in the exchange market, and buying any goods or services in the real world. DIGIT Ecosystem consists of DIGIT E-Wallet and DIGIT Payment Gateway, DIGIT Coin, DIGIT Token, DIGIT Currencies, and DIGIT Solutions which increase business relationships with customers, assisting driving sales growth, making more profit, encouraging Customer satisfaction (Blockchain Voting & Review System), Marketing Campaigns by creating Smart Asset blockchain for customer. (Special Discount, Digital Coupon & Point Rewards), Reservation System, and Creating Channel Distribution of using DIGIT Coin & Altcoins.

Why invest in the DIGIT?
DIGIT is a high-potential coin and that focuses on the use of coins both for trading in the coin exchange market and real life use. We raise funds to develop the best Digital Marketing solution on blockchain based in order to use DIGIT coins with maximized benefits.
Regarding to the exponential growth of retailing and service industries and usage of Social Meeting applications around the world, the number of DIGIT’s members will have a chance to grow exponentially with the popularity of the DIGIT Coin along with usage of DIGIT Coin both in the major exchange markets (Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bittrex, Bitflyer, HitBTC, CoinOne, OKcoin, Zaif,, TDAX, and etc.) and via the real business sectors by increasing members of DIGIT Solutions in the global scale.

Thus, the coin investors will get many attractive benefits from DIGIT Coin investment with special bonus up to 40% during Pre-ICO including 5% bonus when they buy DIGIT Coin with XEM, 5% and 10% of Extra Bonus will be available for participants who intend to contribute at least USD 5,000 and 10,000 equivalent of cryptocurrencies respectively. Moreover, investors will get 5% Bonus more from EZ Referral Program and token holders with 200+ of DIGIT Tokens will get 20% of net fees earned, according to the token percentages, on every transaction among third party within the DIGIT Ecosystem.
To make DIGIT Ecosystem grow with sustainability and efficiency, we use NEM blockchain technology supporting both business system management, financial transparency, traceable and more secure in each transaction as well.