Version 1.1

DIGIT Coin is launching a bounty program for our strategic partners and our interested contributors that encourages advocacy, marketing, content creation, and public support endeavors for DIGIT Coins.

This bounty program will comprise five parts:

1. EZ Referral Program Bonus

After you purchase minimum 10 DIGIT Tokens / 1,000 DIGIT Coins, you will be eligible for the EZ Referral Program Bonus. Refer your friends & family to buy DIGIT Coin during Pre-ICO/ICO period of time and earn DIGIT coin up to 5% from each transaction. Each referred person who subscribes will be linked to your account and you will also receive the equivalent of 5% on every purchase made by your referred people including referred member via affiliate link will be given to member based on referral system. You may request for the special bonus rate if the purchase of your referred person exceeds 100,000 DIGIT Tokens or 10,000,000 DIGIT Coins. For special rate request, please email info@digitcoin.world with the subject “Special bonus rate for DIGIT EZ Referral Program”.

2. BitcoinTalk

The interested contributors will be eligible for granting 50,000 DIGIT Coins for each translated thread and whitepaper on our BitcoinTalk announcement on their native languages, including active moderation of that particular page and communication with us on what to answer for certain questions.

3. Blog

15,000 DIGIT Coins per blog written about DIGIT Coin will be granted on a person’s own blog. Both writers and writeups have to be vetted to check for veracity. We will offer a 20% additional bonus if the blog entry reaches more than 10,000 unique hits.

4. YouTube

10,000 DIGIT Coins will be given for each basic 3-minute video created on YouTube related to DIGIT Coin. The reward could go up to 30,000 DIGIT Coins if the video is well-produced and/or reaches at least 20,000 views. Over the next few days, we will come up with a matrix of goals for videos and the corresponding DIGIT rewards depending on quality and views.

5. Special for NEM Community

Special Bonus : Earn 5% more when you buy DIGIT with XEM during Pre-ICO and ICO period

REMARKS: All interested contributors in the DIGIT Coin rewards program should register on website, www.digitcoin.world. The confirmation email will be sent for your eligibility for this bounty program. DIGIT Coin reserves the right for seeking additional information about prospect and ongoing bounty program contributors, including the right for discontinuing a contributor’s engagement with the program under the conditions deemed reasonable by DIGIT. All contributors will gain their DIGIT rewards within one week after the completion of the DIGIT Coin ICO, which will be announced to all bounty contributors as soon as confirmed. For any inquiries, please email info@digitcoin.world with the subject “DIGIT Coin Bounty Program.” DIGIT Coin will start contacting bounty program applicants shortly.