DIGIT Fondsallocatie
          The funds earned from the DIGIT Coin ICO will be used according to the chart. Regardless of the received amount, the funds will always be used in these proportions.

35% - Primary Development
Our budget structure allows for a large part to be used for DIGIT Ecosystem investment. 35% of the funds received during the ICOs will be allocated for the development of our primary entities within the DIGIT Ecosystem. Entities such as DIGIT Wallet and DIGIT Solutions still need more programming in order to be fully functional.

25% - Marketing
DIGIT Coin must be known by everybody. We want to expand to more countries that wish to use their own money in a safe way. We also wish to be present in the world’s biggest city. To ensure that the DIGIT Coin and DIGIT Ecosystem become household names, 25% of the funds gained from the ICOs will be utilised for creating innovative marketing activities and promoting DIGIT Coin and DIGIT Ecosystem. Marketing will be done through social media, direct marketing, partnerships and affiliate programs.

15% - Administration and Operating Expenses The Administration and Operating Expenses will be occurred from managing DIGIT’s Projects (salary, electricity, cloud server, Internet), and expansion of the DIGIT Ecosystem which will require capital for monthly and day-to-day operational costs. For example, as a financial ecosystem, there is a need to purchase cryptocurrencies to ensure that there are enough reserve funds to meet the demand for crypto-fiat currency exchanges. There are also numerous expenses that may arise on monthly and a day-to-day basis such that 15% of the raised funds will be reserved to meet these costs.

10% - Security
The financial health of the DIGIT Coin market relies on its security. We will use every necessary and available means to secure your transactions and to protect our infrastructures against potential attacks.

8% - Future Development
To support new technology, future needs and requirements of DIGIT Members, we have to ensure quick and efficient system, our networks management team will always be optimizing our network, redundancy architectures, developing the best business management solutions everywhere in the world for your transactions to be fast and for our products to remain secure.

4% - Legal
Laws differ from one country to another. DIGIT Corporation needs to ensure compliance with these laws. Even if our services are decentralized, we need to protect the members that use our services in countries where laws about cryptocurrency are not clearly dictated.

3% - Miscellaneous Expenses
DIGIT’s Projects advisory fees and some other expenses which may occur during the project development are reserved as Miscellaneous Expenses.